Going Social – and stirring disagreement


Leaders today cannot ignore the requirement to cast their companies and personnel into the social media experiences. This is especially true for the oft anxious and seeming fearful, educational leaders.

The use of social media among school districts is growing, but there’s still too much fear and nervousness around individual leaders and users involvement. This is my effort to increase the voice of educational leaders.

If we are afraid to share our voice in a manner that results in some disagreement, we shouldn’t be leading.

There’s obviously a need to stay away from religion and politics, but school leaders need to write and communicate their passions and struggles around what matters most to them. This blog is dedicated to sharing some of my passions around leadership and education, especially in Pennsylvania.

Here’s a current passion of mine. 

Fair, predictable, equitable funding for all students must occur now. The time for which funding for students that is dependent upon which political party is in office, and which senators or representatives are in leadership positions has to go… this is a new era. 

State and federal education funding must be focused on closing the per-student funding gap between the richest and poorest districts by rewriting a formula that provides extra supports to students with disabilities, students in poverty, and students whose first language is other than english. Holding harmless this support of students must replace the outdated, and inequitable  district-based hold-harmless provisions currently in place in Pennsylvania. Anything less from the General Assembly this June is unacceptable.

All children of Pennsylvania deserve better… not just some of the children.


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